What does Firmware cost?

The cost of any firmware project depends completely on the complexity of the programming involved and the nature of the interface to your special hardware.

You simply cannot "buy" a finished firmware product that will work, "off the shelf" with your new invention, device or interface -- each such design requires custom programming -- there is simply no way around it. If you could "buy" an existing package, then you are just copying some one else's invention, aren't you?

Since there is no really "cheap" way to get exactly what you want, you have the choice -- (1) hire someone inexperienced who will promise you a finished product very inexpensively, then later find out he cannot deliver on the promises, or (2) hire a top professional to do it right the first time, for a little more.

A typical invention, device, or new product in todays market costs at least $100,000 to develop a prototype, and a lot more to put it into production. In contrast, a typical firmware design to make the product function correctly, might cost approximately $10,000 -- more or less, depending on the complexity.

Be wary of people offering firmware programming at a "bargain" price that seems too good to be true. You are not buying a finished product here, you are contracting for a custom programming service -- and if you are not careful, the cheapest bid will end up costing you 2x to 3x what the best bid cost.