What is Firmware?

Firmware is what activates your hardware -- it is what makes your inventions work. Firmware is the special coding built into computer chips that makes virtually every item function in today's world.

Firmware is essential to every technical device today -- without it, nothing works.

Whether you are developing a new security device, a special chair lift, some new communications equipment, a satellite receiver, or a remote transmitter, it will need special custom programming that is unique to the hardware in that device, to make your new invention work correctly.

From vending machines, to elevators, handicars, mopeds, iphones, cell phones, satellites, Mars voyager, toll machines, pay phones, lasers, computers, medical equipment, X-ray machines, network devices, saw mills, airplanes, ships, robotic equipment, or covert devices .... plus whatever new invention you have in mind ... everything you manufacture requires good firmware to make it work correctly.

Few firmware developers are able to make devices work the first time without glitches. Many take 10 to 50 tries to get firmware to work correctly for the equipment it is supposed to activate. This constant "fixing and repair" cycle costs you more money than it should.

That is where we lead the field. We have exclusive access to the best firmware deveopers in North America. We can get your hardware working correctly sooner than anyone else -- because we get it working correctly the first time!