We design and develop custom electronic devices for businesses and individuals who need to market their new product as quickly as possible and have it work correctly the first time.

We provide expert consultation for your product's development. Our firmware programmers write in C-Language for optimum code density and efficiency.

Our programmers are experts in robust, rock-solid, design and coding. Typically, our embedded applications work correctly the first time. Our motto is to design bug-free firmware for the utmost product reliabilty. Many people say that bug-free firmware cannot be achieved, but we disagree. Typically we have found, by fixing other people's firmware, that most bugs exist because of a lack of attention to detail or poor coding techniques.

Our programmers provide comprehensive documentation both in source code and in document format.

We can provide software solutions using higher level languages including Delphi and C++ if necessary, but those designs would not be embedded. We can design with Atmel, Microchip, Hitachi, NEC, Motorolo and other microcontrollers, as required by our customers.

We can send our programmers directly to our customer's site for product development, or we can have our programmers develop off-site and send the results electronically to our cusomers.