How does Firmware work?

You have a device or invention that you want to perform a unique function. It will net your company much profit, probably $1 million plus. If a government, you probably have some important function to fulfill -- which needs special programming for your custom interface.

You just ask (see the "request a qoute" link or the "submit a project" link above), or telephone us, and tell us exactly what you want. We will give you an initial estimate of time, materials, and a finished product.

Next you have your staff lays out specifics of exactly what your device or interface needs -- the more exact you can be, the more accurate the estimate will be. Then we present a full proposal to your company, and you can then discuss the details or make adjustments.

Once we are set on a plan and a design, we handle the rest from there. We design the best boards, develop the correct programming, program the most reliable chips for the task, we integrate the chips with the boards and interfaces that are required to work with your device -- we handle all the details.

Then the programming and interface we design undergoes a rigorous testing stage -- after which, it is integrated with your hardware, and presented to you as a working environment. Most companies are amazed at this stage that what we design works the very first time!

Later, the customer makes some minor changes in functioning, which we do expediently. In no time at all, your new invention is working exactly as you had planned, with no drawn-out stages of not being able to do what you want -- we do it right the first time -- and you save !